Q:How you select and vet your cleaners and housekeepers?
A:All members of our staff undergo strict background and criminal history checks prior to their employment by Prime Cleaning London. We require minimum 2 references from their previous employers or clients. Once we verify that the potential members of our team are a good fit to our company and will be able to live up to our high expectations and requirements we proceed with a thorough training process. Once the course is completed successfully they become a part of our family. We want our clients feel safe so we go above and beyond to ensure their peace of mind.

Q:What is the procedure if I need to cancel a service or change the cleaning day/time?
A:If you need to change the cleaning day we would appreciate at least a week notice. If you would like to reschedule or cancel service, our team needs at least 24 hours notice. We will do our best to adapt our service to your scheduling needs.

Q:What happens if I am not satisfied with the quality of the clean?
A:If you feel that our team is not achieving the standard you require and expect we will perform a spot check and resolve the issue. We understand it is frustrating not to get the service you anticipate and as a leading cleaning company we do our best to offer the highest possible standards.

Q:What makes Prime Cleaning London the best in the industry?
A:Our company has established itself as the best in the industry because of our outstanding team of experienced and skilled professionals, our commitment, and our high standards. We take our job very seriously and it shows in the domestic cleaning you get!

We go above and beyond to hire the right experts to clean your home. We send only trusted, per-screened, professional cleaners to make sure your property is healthy, fresh and clean. Each member of our staff has gone through a thorough background check, has 7 years plus experience and is held to very high standards. In addition, our rates are tailored around your budged. Furthermore, we offer our clients in London cleaning tips to make sure they maintain their home properly between our regularly scheduled sessions.

Q:What kind of services do you offer?
A:We clean your house or apartment from top to bottom, including kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, as well as common areas and hallways. We vacuum, mop, clean, shine, disinfect, dust, and straighten the appearance in all rooms of your home. We offer deep home cleanings, pre-tenancy and end of tenancy cleaning, regular, one-off and spring cleaning along with house maids.
We spot clean the walls along with light fixtures, clean inside the refrigerator, oven, windows and even window sills. We are prepared to carry out a heavy duty, detailed home cleaning from top to bottom. Our service is customized according the specific needs of our clients. Whatever house chore you have in mind, no problem, we'd be happy to do it! All you have to do is sit back and count on Prime Cleaning London to get the job done.

Q:Do you bring the needed equipment and cleaning supplies?
A:You bet we do. We arrive equipped with all cleaning supplies and tools necessary to make your home sparkling clean. We operate only with state-of -the-art equipment and use high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products. If you'd like us to utilize your special cleaning supplies or equipment, just let us know. We'd be happy to do so.

Q:Do I have to be at home when you clean?
A:You don’t have to be at home while we clean your property. In fact, many customers prefer to give us a key so we can thoroughly clean when they are at work or running errands. You can rest assured that all keys in our possession are locked and secured. If you would like to arrange other means of access to your property please give us a call and we will discuss that matter.

Q:How often will you clean my home?
A:We offer one-off, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Just let us know what your specific needs and requirements are, and we can prioritize and customize your cleanings. We will provide you with cleaning hints as well.

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